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In the past, the usual way of controlling the level of the broadcasted audio materials was by counting samples. Today, the focus is put on the listener himself, more precisely on the listener’s audio perception and how he perceives the audio material’s loudness.

In order to support this revolution in the audio world, a number of international broadcast standards have been developed (BS-1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, etc.), based on perception tests and research. A major inconvenience when watching TV is adjusting the volume every time you switch channels or during the commercial breaks. Now, we have a solid foundation that helps us solve the problem of loudness oscillations of the audio materials, meaning that you don’t have to reach for the remote control.

The challenge is to mix correctly all kind of audio materials without losing the option to change the loudness level according to your artistic needs. This is possible only if you know the values of loudness descriptors every time you do your mix. In this way, your mix will be done according to human perception needs and you will not have any problem when it will be broadcasted.

For solving the loudness problem, we created a set of tools based on loudness standards specification, so that you can have a panoramic view of all the principal loudness descriptors, anytime you need. In other words, we offer you complete loudness measurements and the possibility to do a correct loudness normalization according to your own custom specifications and needs.

ALM 5.1 – Audio Loudness Meter
Audio Loudness and True Peak Metering VST, AU and AAX plugin is based on the latest broadcast standards: BS1770 (rev.3) and EBU R128.
ALM 5.1 works with the usual formats, Mono, Stereo and 5.1, displaying the main loudness descriptors at all times, including Momentary, Short Term and Integrated Loudness, with Loudness Range and Max True Peak Level.

ALMx 5.1 – Audio Loudness Meter Extended
ALMx 5.1 was designed as a key component for complex broadcast systems. Based on the ALM 5.1 plugin, ALMx 5.1 features a series of enhancements, making it a perfect fit for live broadcast situations. The application is ITU, EBU and ATSC compliant, oferring advanced logging, comprehensive audio I/O settings and remote control.

Loudness Normalizer
This particular standalone application can be very useful and helpful for audio engineers working in post production and broadcasting enviroments. The major two steps of the workflow consists in analyzing the audio material and rendering an improved one. If you choose to normalize your material, you can pick between program loudness or short term loudness, used for materials that are shorter than 3 minutes. Also, a True Peak Limiter is available with variable knee width, release time and true peak.

C-Normalizer for Harmonic’s Rhozet® Carbon Coder
This plugin offers Loudness and True Peak normalization for Harmonic’s Rhozet® Carbon Coder according to BS-1770 (rev. 3) and EBU R128. Based on the ALM 5.1 loudness detection and our own normalization algorithm, this nifty plugin helps you get your material according to your desired values.


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